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FAQ   Frequently asked Questions

Q: I want an estimate. Do I need to be home?
A: No one needs to be home. We will walk around the exterior of your home and perform our estimate. We will call you with our estimate. We prefer not to leave an estimate on your door since it alerts people that you are not at home. We generally come out to do your estimate within 3 or 4 days unless you have indicated that you are in a rush. If you live in a gated community, please let us know and put us on your list at the gate so we can get in if you’re not home.

Q: Is Bob's Window Cleaning insured and bonded?
A: Yes. We carry all the necessary liability and workers comp insurances. We can have certificates of insurance sent to you upon request. We also belong to both the Sarasota and Manatee Chambers of Commerce and the International Window Cleaning Association. All of these organizations have codes of ethics that we are obligated to abide by.

Q: What's included in window cleaning?
• Clean the glass and leave it streak-free
• Wipe down the frames with the windows in a closed position
• Wipe off the sills
• Clean off any cobwebs within the window frame
• Dust off the screens with a damp cloth
• Wipe out sliding door tracks with a damp cloth.
The following items are not included in standard service and will require an extra charge if you want them done:
• Scraping paint or other materials off glass or frames
• Removing hard water deposits from glass
• Opening the windows and cleaning the insides of the window sash
• Scrubbing screens or taking them outside and hosing them down
• Scrubbing old dirt residue from door or window tracks 
Cleaning green mold off window frames or removing dirt daubers and cobwebs from the walls around the windows requires pressure washing.

Q: How often should I have my windows cleaned?
A: We recommend that most residences have the outside cleaned 2 or 3 times a year and the inside cleaned once or twice a year. If you are in a location that gets a lot of blowing dirt or are direct waterfront, then you may want to be cleaned more often. Most store fronts are cleaned once or twice a month and commercial buildings are scheduled according to their needs. Glass is porous and dirt, rainwater runoff, and sprinklers can cause serious buildup that can permanently etch into the glass.

Q: Can you put our window cleaning on an automatic schedule?
A: YES! Our computer system will let us schedule your window cleaning for years in advance. We can set it up to automatically clean your windows on certain dates or to give you a reminder call on certain months. Remember that November is our busiest month and our long time “snowbird” customers schedule their November cleaning months (or years!) in advance.

Q: Does the weather affect the service?
A: A light rain will not affect our technicians or your windows. It is not the rain that spots the windows, but the rain hitting the dirt on the glass. We obviously don’t work in hard rain or if it is lightening and we can’t go up high ladders in high wind situations.

Q: Can you give me any tips to keep my windows in good condition?
• Vacuum your sliding door tracks each time your floor is vacuumed. This will prevent a buildup of sand and grit that can turn into “cement”.
• Don’t let your sprinklers spray on your windows. It will cause a hard water residue which can be difficult to remove. It may permanently etch your glass.
• Use a spray bottle with 50/50 mix of rubbing alcohol and purified water with a microfiber cloth to keep your bathroom mirrors looking great.
• Get your windows cleaned regularly – the whole world will look brighter!

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